Sharing with Christy, the Vampire (Guest Post)


A guest post from Holly A. Melton is a National Campus Director for Field Ministries for Cru.

Meeting Christy, the Vampire

A vampire changed my life.  It all began one night when a group of my friends and I were singing worship songs on the beach.  A gothic looking woman approached me and said, “I’m a vampire, are you afraid of me?” I didn’t quite know what to say.

Without thinking, I tilted my head and replied, “I don’t know, I’ve never met one!”

She responded, “Well, will you talk with one?”

I shrugged, nonchalantly, as if I have vampires approach me every day and said, “Sure. Why not?  What’s your name, anyway?”

“Christy” she replied – “Christy, the vampire.”

As we walked away from the group, Christy remained silent so I prayed a quick prayer asking the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom in this strange situation.  The first question He brought to my mind was, “So, what makes you a vampire, anyways?”  I figured since I had no clue how to relate to Christy, I should at least learn more about her.

Showing me her wrists she said, “I’ve tried to kill myself three times, and I haven’t been able to die. I think I’m immortal.  Also, I kill animals and drink their blood to make me pure.”

Sharing with Christy

I had no clue how I’d be able to get into a spiritual conversation with someone who seemed so far from God, so I again prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to show me how to relate the gospel to her.

“Christy, in a sense, you are right.  We are all immortal. There is life after death. It is also true that sacrifice is necessary and blood is essential for us to be made clean, but I don’t think you know the whole story.  Can I share it with you?”

Christy nodded, and I began to share with her the goriest presentation of the gospel that could only have come to me from the Holy Spirit.  That night, Christy put her faith in Jesus as her final sacrifice.

The next day, Christy asked me to show her how to share her faith.  I was shocked.  As a ten hour old believer, Christy shared the same gory presentation of the gospel to a boy we met on the boardwalk, and he prayed to receive Christ with Christy!

When I saw how the Holy Spirit spoke through me to relate the gospel to Christy in a way that made sense to her, I knew a vampire had changed my life. For the past fourteen years, my greatest joy is asking the Holy Spirit to guide me conversations and see what happens!

Each chapter in my book, follow My lead, enters into a personal story, enlightening you on how to listen to the voice of God to bring Jesus into the conversation. The chapters end with reflection points, questions to ponder, and even suggestions on what to pray.   That way, you too can respond to God’s voice and engage in spiritual conversations with those around you.


About the Author:

Holly A. Melton is a National Campus Director for Field Ministries for Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), overseeing more than 300 missionaries engaged in cross-cultural ministry. In addition to her work with Cru, Holly speaks all over the world, as she teaches college students and other adults how to share faith in Christ, through conferences, retreats and training events.

Holly’s book, follow My lead: responding to God’s voice in everyday encounters, will be available this summer and can be pre-ordered on This post is a condensed version of chapter one and is copyrighted by Holly A Melton.

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