baby with mother's hand

7-Day Advent Devotional Series

baby with mother's hand

This is the first year that I offered a weekly Advent devotional to Cru staff through my blog, eQuipping for eMinistry. Each post was written by a different staff member and was very meaningful, so I decided to share posts from Cru bloggers with you, too, but as a seven-day devotional series. I thought you might enjoy starting each day reading a post as you prepare for this last week before Christmas.

  1. Advent: The Real Promise Keeper by Judy Douglass, wife of the president of Cru
  2. Advent: Waiting with Anticipation by Mick Haupt
  3. When Sorrow Collides with Joy by Lindsey Dennis
  4. The Advent by Stephanie Reeves
  5. Grandma’s Magical Tree by Dayle Rogers
  6. To Anyone Who Struggles at Christmas by Abby Alleman
  7. Our Lives, Our Worship, and the Incarnation of Christ by me, on The Sovereign blog

I’m privileged to work alongside these special people and glad to have an opportunity to share their heart messages with you. Thank you for praying for the ministry of Cru bloggers and that God would give me direction as I seek to help them gain more visibility in 2017.


The photo depicting the infant Christ is copyrighted by the LUMO project (Big Book Media) and distributed for free download, under license exclusively by FreeBibleimages for teaching purposes only. All rights reserved.


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