God Opens Prison Doors… and Prisoners’ Hearts

Don and Debbie saw God open prison doors and prisoners’ hearts at the 33rd Street prison in Orlando, Florida. With Don’s permission, I’ve adapted his original account (see The Magician’s 5 Miracles on Cru.org). God Opens Prison Doors Gathered in the parking lot with the prison chaplain and with others who came to minister at 33rd Street Prison, Don and the group prayed that God would be with them and would be glorified. Entering the check in facility, the guards took their car keys and driver’s licenses, as expected. Don explained he had some magic props to do a show, for those inmates interested, and some Christian … Continue reading God Opens Prison Doors… and Prisoners’ Hearts

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Remembering Black Hawk Down

October 3rd marked the 20th anniversary of the battle in Mogadishu, Somalia, which is chronicled in the best-selling book and movie, Black Hawk Down. U.S. Army Best Ranger Jeff Struecker survived the intense combat, returning last March to film a documentary. He had turned down many film offers, until this one, working with Cru staff member and video producer, Mary Beth Minnis. Continue reading “Remembering Black Hawk Down”