That’s a GREAT Question- Free eBook Today

Today and tomorrow, January 30 and 31 of 2014, Glenn Pearson’s book, That’s a GREAT Question, is available free in several formats.

I can’t review it really, because I only just downloaded it, but I was interested in this story-driven apologetics book because it’s a good book for both believers and non-believers and because I was intrigued by Glenn’s “filters”. [Read an excerpt…] Continue reading That’s a GREAT Question- Free eBook Today

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Serendipity and the Significant Woman

“Do you recognize the book they’re using?” Nan asked me.

I was having lunch at a Panera Bread in Springfield, Virginia, with Nan (see note) when she noticed two women at the table next to us were doing a Bible study.

When I looked over, I recognized the book they were using, The Significant Woman, a life-coaching discipleship course Continue reading “Serendipity and the Significant Woman”

Do We Miss out on Freedom? (Guest Post)

Mary Henderson

The Truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” – Patsy Clairmont

I hear you, Patsy! I’ve experienced this when:

  • Someone has confronted me about one of my weaknesses. Ouch!
  • I’ve stepped on the scale and realized that BIG changes need to happen. Yikes. I’ve realized I need to exercise more or make nutritional changes. Ugh.
  • I need to stop being conflict-avoidant in my marriage. Ooooooo
  • My addiction becomes intolerable: for me it’s been sugar. Bummer!
  • I fought accepting that sin separated me from God. Eternal pain!

What about you? Is there a truth you want to avoid, but accepting and working through the agony will ultimately set you free? Continue reading “Do We Miss out on Freedom? (Guest Post)”