Faculty Commons: A Ministry of Cru

Christian professor, Dr. Heather Holleman, a writing instructor at Penn State University, prays for each of her students every semester. She explains, “I pray that things I say and teach will plant seeds for the gospel or at least help prepare the soil of their hearts to know the love and grace of God.”

Mid-way through each semester, Heather mentions in class that she is a follower of Jesus. And Heather’s students every year ask about her faith…

  • Joe asked Heather to tell the class her secret for being so happy all the time.
  • Eric asked her how she knew what the purpose of her life was.
  • Carlos asked her why she chose Christianity over other religions.
  • Dean invited Heather to coffee and asked her to explain who Jesus was and explain the power He supposedly has.

Heather is on Cru staff with our Faculty Commons ministry, which works with professors, winning them to Christ and encouraging believing professors to share their faith.

When Bill and Vonette Bright first launched Cru as an evangelistic movement in 1951, their slogan was “win the campus today and change the world tomorrow.” Over 65 years later, our staff and volunteers are still on the frontlines in the battle for students’ and professors’ minds and hearts.

Our Part in the Story

Although our daily ministry is with technology, we’re really assisting our global staff in their discipleship of these professors and others. Together with them and with you, we are connecting the people of the world to Jesus in  181 countries.

We sense God is using our skills and interests more than ever before. Mike is assisting with a new contact management system which will help all of our U.S ministries. (Mike is a PSU grad, by the way… notice the shirt!)

Sus helps our global missionary staff to use technology for ministry. As we get ready for our national staff conference in July, Sus is helping organize an event for Cru’s writers and bloggers. Heather will be one of the workshop speakers, giving advice on how they can improve their writing.

Your Part in the Story

In a few weeks, we will be in Ft. Collins, Colorado, for our National Staff conference from July 15th to 23rd. We, along with 5,000 other U.S. staff, will hear from our Cru leadership on the direction of the ministry, be challenged by Christian leaders and Bible teachers, and attend seminars that will help equip us to be more effective in our ministry.

This year, we need to raise an additional $3000 for this nine-day conference and for our travel expenses. Thank you for praying for God’s provision for this ministry expense. Please also pray for Sus’ preparations for our time in Colorado and for the events she’s organizing (a meet-up for Cru writers, hosting a workshop, and consulting appointments).

Through your partnership with us, we help Cru staff members minister everyday around the world to those who are without Christ. Your partnership with us has touched millions: bringing the lost to Jesus, and discipling and training believers for His glory.

We’re blessed to work alongside you and the staff of Cru’s ministries, like Faculty Commons. Thank you for helping us reach the university campuses around the world where many are in need of Christ.

We’re grateful for your partnership!

NOTE: If you’re interested in checking out Heather’s books, find them here on Amazon.

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