Serendipity and the Significant Woman

“Do you recognize the book they’re using?” Nan asked me.

I was having lunch at a Panera Bread in Springfield, Virginia, with Nan (see note) when she noticed two women at the table next to us were doing a Bible study.

When I looked over, I recognized the book they were using, The Significant Woman, a life-coaching discipleship course designed for women by some dear Cru staff women friends. In fact, Susan Heckmann and Gail Porter, two of the authors, work in the same office I do.

I got up to introduce myself and found out more about these ladies. They’re part of a growing group of fifty women who meet regularly in different homes for Bible study. It was super to see how God was using The Signigicant Woman outside of our own efforts. (This is the way we like to do things at Cru, offering our resources and tools for the Body of Christ to use in their ministries.)

Learn more about The Significant Woman on their website or feel free to write and ask me about it. The material is available in several translations; my friends also just released a new evangelistic version.

NOTE: As you know, I help Campus Crusade for Christ staff use technology for ministry. Read how Nan, a new widow, overcame her technology fears. It’s always a delight to meet with her.

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