My Fortieth Spiritual Birthday

On February 19th, 1973, I woke up thinking, “Why am I fighting it? If Jesus died for me, then I should just accept that.”

I got down on my knees by my bed and thanked Him for dying for my sins. I stood up, pulled my Bible out of the suitcase on the top shelf of my closet, and opened it to this passage where Jesus spoke directly to me: Continue reading “My Fortieth Spiritual Birthday”

One Unused Vowel Saves a People

The Sower by Vincent Van GoghWycliffe Bible translator, Lee Bramlett, had learned that most verbs for the Hdi people of Cameroon ended in either an a, i, or u. While still unsure how to reach these people with God’s love for them, God prompted Lee to look at their verb for love, which was “dva” and “dvi”, but never “dvu”.

When he discussed this observation with the tribal leaders that were helping him with his Bible translation work, their eyes were opened to understand the Gospel. Continue reading “One Unused Vowel Saves a People”