My Fortieth Spiritual Birthday

On February 19th, 1973, I woke up thinking, “Why am I fighting it? If Jesus died for me, then I should just accept that.”

I got down on my knees by my bed and thanked Him for dying for my sins. I stood up, pulled my Bible out of the suitcase on the top shelf of my closet, and opened it to this passage where Jesus spoke directly to me:

“For whoever is ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.” ~ Mark 8:38

I started reading the Bible daily and quickly became involved with Cru on the campus of Arizona State University.  Within six weeks, I was sharing my faith.

I’ve always been grateful for the discipleship and training I received from the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. Six months after graduation, I joined the staff of Campus Crusade, assigned to the computer department… and have been there ever since.

It’s a whole other story about how God took me through various opportunities to lead me to my current ministry of helping staff, particularly our women, to learn to use technology for ministry. (I’ll tell you about this on another day.)

A few weeks before my 40th re-birthday, I came up with the perfect way to celebrate.  I spent the day in ministry. I started with a blog post in the morning for eQuipping for eMinistry. I drove off to East Orlando and had lunch with a staff friend and then helped another staff gal, Julie, with questions about her blog, along the way. (That’s Julie in the photo with me… she’d love it if you’d visit her blog.) Next, I helped some of the women in Women’s Resources set up Judy Douglass’ home for a dinner that would be held the next night for various CEOs and their wives from about a dozen missions groups. My last stop was for an evening meeting of women bloggers at yet another home.

I felt this was the perfect way to celebrate knowing the Lord for forty years, by doing what He had shaped me to do. I had a great day and… I even had a celebratory piece of cake!


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