Peggy and Skittles and Contentment (Guest Post)

Our friend, Bonnie, was asked to be a guest speaker at Sweet Monday, a creative women’s ministry that brings women together on the first Monday of each month.  Grab a friend and a yummy dessert and get ready to laugh with Bonnie as she shares about contentment.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life (like guinea pigs!) that God uses to teach a much-needed lesson…

Meet Peggy and Skittles

It all began with a tale of two guinea pigs, Skittles and Peggy, who became our long-awaited pets. Skittles was a very fat and happy-go-lucky guinea pig. She had a great temperament, but, to put it kindly, Skittles wasn’t the brightest bulb around. Peggy, on the other hand, was one smart cookie.

We realized just how smart Peggy was when it came time to bed down the guinea pigs at night. We’d put a nice wooden house with plenty of room for two guinea pigs into the cage every night. However, it seems that sharing isn’t high on guinea pig social graces. Every night there would be a rush for the house, with Skittles winning, due to her sheer bulk. Skittles would comfortably settle in, while positively glowing that the house was all hers once again. Then the real fun would begin! Continue reading “Peggy and Skittles and Contentment (Guest Post)”

A Chat with Angel Gabriel

I had just picked out some envelopes and fifty-percent-off Christmas cards. The gal who helped me find the envelopes was very friendly and very pregnant. “When’s your baby due?” I asked. “January 20th,” she smiled. I held out a tract. “This is for you if you’d like it; It’s about Jesus.” She accepted the booklet and I wrote my email address on the back. The clerk behind the counter had rung up my purchase and waited as we had this conversation. I turned to him and noticed his name tag. “Angel,” I commented. “That’s a good name for this time … Continue reading A Chat with Angel Gabriel

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Painting a Room

I have Mom and Dad Schmitt to thank for teaching me how to paint a room about fifteen years ago. I had never done it, partially because my mom wallpapered the rooms in our house. (What a job up those stairwells!) So, I asked Josh to help me paint his room this summer. Two weeks ago, Mike and I picked out a nice blue-green and then Josh and I set to work. He had a bit of a spill that got all over his feet and then just as I was finishing up with the white trim, I lost my … Continue reading Painting a Room

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A Side of Florida Few Know

I am sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop instead of using my computer in the family room. I can see the family room from here and am hoping a small skink (lizard) will follow the trail of tiny romaine lettuce leaves I put down from the sofa to the porch door. I also am praying something else doesn’t come in while I have the door open a crack! Also, a few weeks ago, a small frog got in the house right when we were trying to pack the car and take Jenny to college. I wanted to catch … Continue reading A Side of Florida Few Know

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