A Chat with Angel Gabriel

I had just picked out some envelopes and fifty-percent-off Christmas cards. The gal who helped me find the envelopes was very friendly and very pregnant.

“When’s your baby due?” I asked.

“January 20th,” she smiled.

I held out a tract. “This is for you if you’d like it; It’s about Jesus.” She accepted the booklet and I wrote my email address on the back.

The clerk behind the counter had rung up my purchase and waited as we had this conversation. I turned to him and noticed his name tag.

“Angel,” I commented. “That’s a good name for this time of year.”

“Yeah,” he admitted. “my middle name is Gabriel, too.”

“Really? Do you have a Catholic background?” I asked.


“Are you still following your faith?”

“No, not really,” he replied.

Our conversation stalled out, but I was back in the store a few days later. When Angel saw me, he walked up to me to say, “hi.” We talked more about his name and I found out his father is “Angel” and his brother, too.

“Wow,” I remarked. “Do you go by your middle names?”

“Yeah, but what’s really hard is when the mail comes for us.”

I visited this store early in the morning when they weren’t very busy and I expect I’ll be going back to have more chats with Angel Gabriel, and hopefully, talk to him more about Christ.

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