Are You Ready?

I recently had an encouraging phone call that reading The Sower has helped someone share Christ with a few people. So, I am passing along some practical tips today. Don’t let them overwhelm you. Pick one thing you would like to start doing.

Of course, being on good terms with God is the most essential tool for being ready each day to share your faith. I will just mention this in general today. I know I also need to be more in prayer about opportunities and about people.

How about you? Are you presentable? Do you look like an ambassador for Christ? As much as possible, be dressed and ready for opportunities. I’m speaking to myself, too. I got dressed before I wrote this today. I do not want someone to come to the door when I cannot answer and speak with them.

Do you have a variety of tracts for young adults, teens, black Americans, and even some in other languages? Also, you will want tracts for Christians, like “Satisfied?” which is about the Spirit-filled life.

Do you have tracts in your car for toll booth operators, in your pocket or purse for clerks, or by the front door for the UPS man? Where is a good place to keep them handy? Do you pack extra for when you are traveling? I also take foreign language tracts most days, but especially when we will be in a tourist-dense area for the day. I’ve met tourists elsewhere though, like in local stores, as can happen here in Florida.

Do you need other material? Would a DVD of the “Jesus” film, Fact or Fiction version, work for your skeptic friend? One thing I am going to do is order several of The Gospel of John in the Message paraphrase. It is very inexpensive and would be good to give to a new believer to read. I have been wanting to try using the mini-CDs, Who is He? These are very affordable. They are so unique that I think people would be curious enough to check them out.

See the other pages of this site for help and resources. You should be able to find some materials that work well for you.

What do you think?

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