When the face is familiar

I know her face, I thought, as I chatted with the clerk at Wal-Mart. I remembered I might have given her a tract on one of my shopping trips. I hesitated that I should give her a tract again and I almost didn’t. I could not remember what she had said so many months ago or if she had accepted the booklet.

“Do you remember this booklet?” I asked as I handed her a “Would You Like To Know God Personally?” tract.

“Yes! I love these!” she exclaimed.

As I asked her why she liked tracts, Daphne seemed to indicate that she had placed her faith in God and had started reading the Bible.

“I know it is not necessary to go to church,” she said, “but I would like to find one.”

(This was very interesting to me because she was the opposite of a woman I had talked to yesterday. Brenda evidently had received Christ, started reading the Bible, and said she was “too busy” for church.)

I pulled out a tract about the Spirit-filled life, “Satisfied?”, and quickly showed her the three circle diagrams about allowing Christ to control her life. Daphne began ringing up the next customer as we talked some more. I wrote my phone number on the back of the tract, encouraging her to call me if she had any questions, and wrote the information about our church services. (In hindsight, I should have arranged to meet her for lunch. I have done that with others before.)

When I frequent a library, a bank, or a smaller store, I can sometimes have ungoing conversations with someone. In a store as large as Wal-Mart, it was fun to see God bring Daphne back together with me for another chat because I very easily could have gone in another open lane. I am glad I talked with her when my gut feeling was not to.

What do you think?

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