I had already given Jasmin a tract. We were talking further when a van pulled up from a radio station.

“Do you listen to that station?” she asked.

“No,” I said, “I listen to Z88.3.”

“I do, too,” she replied and also mentioned a Spanish radio station.

My first reaction was to assume she was a Christian. I was ready to pull out a “Satisfied?” tract for Christians (about how to live the Spirit-filled life), but fortunately, I asked her why she listened.

“Because it’s safe for my children to listen, too,” Jasmin explained.

After asking more questions, I found out Spanish was her preferred language, so I gave her a Spanish four laws also.

I initially offer the Spanish Four Laws if I overhear a clerk speaking Spanish. Otherwise, I generally offer Would You Like To Know God Personally first, and if I later discover the person prefers Spanish, or is already a believer, I offer another booklet. (Of course, it would be inappropriate to ask for your first tract back.)

If the person is a believer, I usually hand them a Holy Spirit booklet and say, “Great! You can give the first booklet to a friend. This second booklet is for you. It helps you understand how to deal with sin in your life.”

Dr. Bill Bright, founder and former President of Campus Crusade for Christ, welcomed opportunities to share about the Spirit-filled life. He knew if Christians were equipped to live in the power of the Holy Spirit, many more people would come to Christ. He was well-known for actively sharing his faith with non-believers, but he also considered sharing with Christians a very vital ministry.

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