Painting the Hall and Reaching Estonia

The Sower by Vincent Van Gogh“This is not convenient,” I thought and hoped my body language did not communicate the same message.

I was stirring a can of paint in the garage. My skin and clothes were spattered with fresh yellow streaks and drips. A young college student came up the driveway with a satchel, a smile, and a light European accent.

Malle, I discovered, was from Estonia. Someone had convinced her she could go door-to-door in the blistering Florida summers and sell educational encyclopedias for a summer job.

I had to run back into the house a few times as I was helping my kids paint the hall and they were waiting for me to bring in some more paint. On my first trip back in the house, I clicked on the internet and went to find The Four Spiritual Laws in Estonian. I clicked “print” and went back out where Malle was waiting.

After a little more conversation, I went back in and printed the web site for the Jesus Film in Estonian and gathered up the Estonian Four Laws. I was on the same page with God by now and eager to see where our conversation would lead.

I handed Malle the Gospel in her own language.

“People have given me many things to read. . . The Guard Tower?”

“The Watch Tower,” I nodded. “You will not want to read that.”

“All the others were in English,” she said, staring at the papers I had printed. “This is amazing that this is in my language!”

I then handed her a printout showing where she could watch the Jesus film in her language, too.

“I saw that movie in Norway,” she said as she pointed to the picture of Christ from the film. “It was too bloody.”

“Oh, you mean The Passion. This is a different movie,” I explained.

We found out we had more in common. I had been to Norway, too, so I learned about her time there as an exchange student. I also assured her that what I was telling her was not going against her Lutheran background and shared how I had wondered the same thing years ago.

I wrote my e-mail address on one of the pages and offered that she could write me with any questions.

“I will be very busy until I am back in school in September,” she explained.

Please pray for Malle to correspond with me and for her to receive Christ.

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