A seed has sprouted

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” ~ I Corinthians 3:6 NIV

Alysson was very grateful to God for her little girl. After several failed pregnancies and her last pregnancy, which almost took her live, Alysson was grateful. . . and her husband was bitter.

I had only just met this gal who worked at the fitness center. She managed to tell me her whole life story in about six minutes. I left her with a tract and with an invitation to come hear a creation speaker at our church.

“I’ll come,” she enthused. “My daughter will be interested, too.”

She didn’t come.

Over the next few months we didn’t say much to each other, if I even saw her.

As opening weekend approached for The DaVinci Code movie, I took a handful of “Companion Guides to the Movie” with me to the fitness center. Alysson was there that night and took two.

Another month passed. I stopped by the front desk to check out.

“I like all the things you gave me,” Alysson said.

I was surprised as she continued, “I’ve read everything.”

She especially liked the “Companion Guide to the Movie” mini-magazine and wanted more. She explained that she didn’t have a car to come hear the creation speaker last February. She had been disappointed and encouraged me to invite her to more activities at church, especially for children.

Alysson reviewed some of her background again for me. She was raised Catholic, but rejected some of what she was taught. Her husband was raised by a Muslim father and a Jehovah’s Witness mother. What a mix!

So, why was I surprised to see the seeds I had planted start to sprout?

I gave her more mini-magazines last night and look forward to watching God work in her life.

What do you think?

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