Turn it off, please!

“You wrote a check to Campus Crusade!” Jorge turned his head toward me and beamed.

I was sitting across the desk from our bank manager who was looking at our checking account on his computer. I was not sure why he reacted that way. It turns out he really did not know anything about Campus Crusade. I explained a bit to him about Campus Crusade for Christ and that my husband and I are missionaries. I pulled out the Spanish Four Laws for him. I had talked to this manager before and both times I believed he was a Christian.

I suddenly thought, well, if he is a Christian, maybe he would be interested in showing the “Jesus” film on his TV? (Ours is the only bank I know that has a television mounted next to the tellers so the customers have something to watch. Yes, the lines can get that long!)

I explained about the “Jesus” film and suggested that it might be a good DVD for his bank. He went into a long reply about how the “powers that be” which are over him would not allow it and how the bank would not want to offend anyone.

Later, I thought how I already had been offended by the bedroom scene on the TV while I was waiting in line. In other situations where a TV was showing inappropriate material, I have asked for the channel to be changed (or the TV turned off) at an auto shop, our doctor’s office, and the fitness center.

It’s not just about me, either. I was also thinking about the young man who walked in on the very bawdy “lingerie fashion show” showing on the auto shop TV or the young children playing on the floor under the suspended television at the doctor’s office. I was definitely thinking about my eighteen-year-old son when we were at the fitness center and one of the TV dramas depicted a rape scene.

I politely asked for a manager and explained what was offensive on the television. Everyone very gladly changed the channel for me. Most did not want that content either and were unaware that a customer or someone had changed stations. Of course, you can use the opportunity to bring up spiritual issues with the people involved.

What do you think?

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