One thought on “A White Christmas

  1. Dear Sus,
    Great photos!
    I meant to drop you a line about the Jan Campus Crusade newsmagazine. I got it last week and immediately started reading it. I was just finishing the last article that I would read that day when I glanced down the page I was beginning and happened to see the name Sus. I thought, how odd, someone else with the name Sus. Imagine my surprise and joy at seeing that it was you! Such a great issue to start the year out and with a great mention of you! Hope your Christmas was great! The kids came back from San Francisco and we had a baby shower for them. Yes, Joe V is due on March 30. Em has had hyperemesis gravederum – lost a total of #27 but is now only down #15 (although she is all baby and looks like she is much farther along than she is. I am now working in labor and delivery – had a real problem with wearing lead in the cath lab. With my scoliosis and even with light weight lead – mine was still almost #24! We’re hoping that you all have a very blessed New Year and 2008!!!


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