The Battle Zone

I could hear my husband talking to someone in the garage. The other man was distinctly British.

“Is your computer on, Honey?” Mike asked as he opened the laundry room door.

“Yes, it is,” I said, my hands greasy from de-boning a chicken. I sat at the table, our kitchen only half-cleaned-up from dinner as a pleasant sixty-something Brit stepped into our kitchen.

The men marched into our paper-strewn family room. I had battled for several intense days planning a trip. I joined them in the war zone as we circled the computer, my hands almost dripping with grease.

I never know when God will bring someone into our home. Normally, Mike would have brought the man through the less-messy living room. The mess in the family room was a poor testimony, but I didn’t let this bother me. No matter what Mr. U. K. may or may not be thinking about my housekeeping, I accepted that he did not know how I had been spending my time. I made a mental note, however, to keep our home presentable for the “next unexpected guest”.

After washing my hands, I navigated and helped this lost gentleman find his destination.

While the map was printing, and with barely anything to lead into it, I offered our visitor the British version of “Would You Like To Know God Personally”, pointing out the London address on the back.

“No, thank you,” he stated, “I have never been a religious man,” and then jokingly, “Maybe I should be at my age.”

“You Brits aren’t religious,” I fired back, trying to find an opening in his defenses.

“Yes. We’re a pagan lot.”

I just seemed to be at a loss how to engage him spiritually and he was gone. He had told us of an “evil woman” taking advantage of them at the airport because they were tourists. In contrast, perhaps our helpfulness was a good witness. Hopefully, it spoke louder than the “minefield” he had to navigate in our home!

We can still pray for this man even though we don’t know his name and we had the slimmest, if any, witness in his life. In fact, prayer is the best and most effective weapon in our battle. I may even be surprised to find him in Heaven at the final roll call!

Most of my witnessing is done in the “Bible Belt” so, as a soldier fighting for the souls of men, it was good training to learn a little more about trying to plant a seed where the ground is hard. It was also good to be reminded about the importance of prayer.

We know Who wins the war even if we think we’ve lost a battle.

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