“As human beings, we have a terminal disease called mortality. The current death rate is 100 percent. Unless Christ returns soon, we’re all going to die. We don’t like to think about death; yet, worldwide, 3 people die every second, 180 every minute and nearly 11,000 every hour. If the Bible is right about what happens to us after death, it means that more than 250,000 people every day go either to Heaven or Hell.”


This excerpt is from Heaven by David Alcorn (pp. xx – xxi). I actually prefer his shorter work, In Light of Eternity. I haven’t finished reading either book and don’t agree 100% with the author, but I appreciate that he has corrected my thinking about Heaven in several areas. He makes a strong case for the physical reality of Heaven and what it will be like to be there. Heaven has become a much more exciting place in my thinking already.

Mr. Alcorn makes a good observation on page 11 concerning our understanding about Heaven and how it relates to sharing our faith:

“After being forcibly evicted from Heaven (Isaiah 14:12-15), the devil became bitter not only toward God, but toward mankind and toward Heaven itself, the place that was no longer his. It must be maddening for him that we’re now entitled to the home he was kicked out of. What better way for the devil and his demons to attack us than to whisper lies about the very place on which God tells us to set our hearts and minds?

“Satan need not convince us that Heaven doesn’t exist. He need only convince us that Heaven is a place of boring, unearthly existence. If we believe that lie, we’ll be robbed of our joy and anticipation, we’ll set our minds on this life and not the next, and we won’t be motivated to share our faith. Why should we share the ‘good news’ that people can spend eternity in a boring, ghostly place that even we’re not looking forward to?”

I recommend learning more about your eternal home! Ask God to help you see the truth where you might have preconceived ideas that are not supported by Scripture.

What do you think?

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