The Knock at the Door

A lanky teen, dressed in black, waited at our door with a group of his friends. After we chatted with him, we barely sat long before we had to pop up again and answer the doorbell. A sweet little girl stood at the door, her hair in pigtails, asking if we could give her something for free.

Yes, it is “Trick or Treat” time again. We consider it a perfect time to hand out tracts with our candy. (It’s gotta be chocolate if they are going to remember YOUR house!) What an opportunity to offer the free gift of salvation to dozens of neighbors who come to your home in just a few hours’ time!

I usually have several types of tracts available to drop in goodie bags. Because of where we live, I also have Spanish Four Laws and other tracts for the adults that come with the kids.

You can find specialized tracts at
Click on the Tracts & Booklets category or the Children category to find several options to choose from:

For teenagers you can use:
Connecting with God
What You See is NOT All You Get
Who is He? Mini CD

For children I use:
The Four Fantastic Facts
In Search of the Greatest Treasure
Good News Comic Book

It is very likely that the people who come to your door on October 31st do not know how to open their hearts to God. Let’s start praying that people hear His voice, even on Halloween. Every day is His.

Go to The Sower: Tools and Tips for more Halloween suggestions.

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