Goodies and the Good News

“I lost two pounds.”

Jose is a big man and he was looking right at me when he said this. I was mulling over what to do with this information and later was VERY glad I did not congratulate him. As a plumbing supervisor, he was not talking to me at all, but to his two assistants who were testing our house’s water pressure!

We were expecting a team of plumbers to come and replace all our pipes, so I made some brownies the day before and had them on the kitchen table with some tracts. Those brownies were a good way to share some tracts and start some spiritual conversations. All three men on the plumbing crew took brownies and tracts. I’ll have brownies on hand when another crew comes on Saturday to plaster all the holes in our walls!

One of the plumbing crew, Juan, was very polite and turned out to be a believer.

Later, as they were leaving, I handed a tract to Troy. “I’m a Mormon,” he stated, “but I have not been going since I was young.”
“Well, I believe Jesus is God,” I started to explain.

“So do we,” he said.

I did not know where to go with that statement, especially since they were getting ready to leave.

The next day, Roland from the plumbing company took brownies and a tract, but when I offered the brownies to the county inspector who came to check the plumbing, he said, “No, thanks,” patting his tummy. “Look at me; I just got back from a cruise.”

“Can I give you a little booklet about God?” I asked.

Again, Will refused. “It won’t do any good.” He started walking away as I tried to talk further, so I really have no idea what he meant by that.

Will was aware of the little harm a brownie could do, but knew nothing about the very real jeopardy he was in by living a life without God!

What do you think?

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