It Doesn’t Cost Much

The little mountain of coins grew slowly.

I was next in line at Big Lots. (Kind of a yard sale under a roof, if you’ve never been there.) The woman in front of me was paying for her $6.57 purchase. . . all in coins.

“$1.75, $2.00, . . .,” she began counting again.

Both times she was two pennies short. I could see the dilemma on her face as she searched her purse for more money. What was she going to have to leave behind in her precious purchase because she did not have enough?

“Here,” I said as I put in my two cents (literally ).

You would have thought I had given her twenty dollars! She beamed and thanked me profusely.

It was very natural to hand her a tract and I gave one to the clerk, too. I know others in the growing line behind us were also aware of this little drama, and listening, as I explained to this woman that I was a follower of Christ.

What do you think?

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