The New Friend

“This is for you,” I said as I handed Elizabeth a Spanish Four Laws.

I was researching a deposit with our bank’s head teller and had noticed her cross necklace and the large fish symbol on her key chain.

“Thank you,” she said, as she glanced into the booklet

“What would you say if you were at the gates of Heaven and God asked you why He should let you in?” I queried.

I can’t remember her answer exactly, but as with most Catholics, I then explained about the thief on the cross who could not do any good works before he died.

After a few minutes’ conversation, I was pretty confident Elizabeth was a believer. She was looking at the tract again.

“You can share that with someone else if you like,” I offered.

“No, this is for me,” she quickly replied. “I had a bad week.” She stepped away from the front desk and began reading the booklet in the foyer.

That was last week. Yesterday, I had to go back to the bank. Elizabeth was at her usual place in the front, greeting customers. When I stepped in the door, she greeted me warmly.

“Hello!” She beamed and introduced me to a young man she was talking to. “This is Guillermo,” she said to me and then she introduced me to Guillermo, “This is my friend.”

“How are you, today?” I asked Elizabeth. She knew I was referring to our last conversation. “Can I pray for you?”

She was doing well and was glad for my prayers. In that setting, she was unwilling to share what her needs were. She indicated, though, that God knew her needs and she would tell me “next time.”

I was quite honored to be labeled a friend for the small amount of concern I had shown. (I think, also, she probably did not know my name at that moment.)

Just showing an interest in others, even if it is just enough to talk with them, can show them the love of Christ

Are you chatting with tellers, waitresses, sales clerks, and others? Add a comment here on the site or drop me an e-mail. I’d love to know how it is going for you as a sower in God’s harvest.

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