Updated: VA Tech tragedy and CCC

I am updating the information of the original April 19th post:

If you are interested in staying current on what is happening at Virginia Tech, go to the VA Tech CCC site You can also find a call to prayer on the site that you may wish to respond to.

Five of our CCC students were directly affected. (Of course, ALL students at VT are affected.) Three students involved with Campus Crusade were murdered and two were witnesses to the tragedy, but uninjured.

We know a lot of prayer has been emphasized at VA Tech and that people around the world responded to pray for everyone affected by this tragedy.

I was particularly interested in the following news story about Lauren, one of the Campus Crusade students. The reporter concludes at the end that he was aware of a remarkable atmosphere on the campus. Go to Fox News for this story and do a search for the video ” Father of slain Virgina Tech student forgives Cho.”

We also know a little about two of the students who were not involved with our ministry. I was encouraged to hear that our staff had appointments with two of the murdered girls a few weeks before the incident. Both girls were apparently Christians. You can read from one of our staff, Cynthia, as she remembers her conversation with one of the deceased girls.

We also recommend an online resource to help you or someone you know with the age-old question of “How can God allow suffering?”

Thank you so much for praying! We know you join us in praying as the CCC staff and students at Virginia Tech seek to glorify God and to comfort others. We may see God doing even greater things as a result of this tragedy.

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