45 Years with Cru

45 Years with Cru

God has answered your many prayers for Mike and me over the years. What a privilege to work in God’s kingdom together with you. Your prayers and funding have made it possible for me to stay in the ministry with Cru for forty-five years. (Forty-one for Mike.)

Mike and Sus at Bok Tower Garden.

I love what I do, helping our Cru staff. I couldn’t do consulting and blogging without your prayers and financial backing. Most of you don’t see what I do daily. I wrote this letter so you might know God is using you to help Cru staff with their ministries. Let’s look through the eyes of some I serve with.

The past eleven years, I’ve been working under Judy Douglass, the wife of Cru’s president. When I told her of my Cru staff anniversary, she wanted to write to you. Here’s what she wrote:

If you know Sus like I know Sus, you know she is incredibly hard-working, a constant servant, a creative problem solver, and an amazing evangelist.

“I have had the privilege of working with Sus for many years now, and I have found all of the above–and more–to be true. As we work together to love and encourage Cru staff around the world, Sus seems to always be working, getting things done, serving in any way she can, experimenting with solutions to problems. I could not do my job without the technical and creative help Sus provides.

“But there is more. She has her eyes and heart always open to tell people about Jesus, looking for ways to invite others to receive Christ, and to disciple Christians to become true followers.

“There is more. She loves to follow the birds, to attend cultural events. And of course to love on all those grandbabies.

“Thank you for loving, praying for and partnering with Sus, my friend and partner.”

How kind of Judy. I didn’t know what she would write. I’ve been glad to help her with her social media presence and blogging platform.

“Nana” Sus with Abigail

Since 2009, I’ve enjoyed being a resource to many Cru staff. I understand their needs and challenges with using technology for ministry. This year, I’ve received many unsolicited thank yous from Cru missionary staff whom I’ve helped in various ways.

Mathias T. of Cameroon (Africa) considers me a mentor through my blog, eQuipping for eMinistry. He wrote, “Thanks Sus Schmitt. You always add something to my life. I have a lot of testimony from your empowerment. Great impact on the field and support too. Thanks for the great resources. See what you invested in my life has improved my ministry impact.”

Terry M. has been blogging for many years. She’s helped me with putting together events for our staff. She writes: “Thanks, Sus, for helping ALL of us to learn and enjoy blogging! Many of us would not be doing this if it weren’t for you!”

Judy N. attended the two writers’ conferences that I helped organize. She wrote: “Thank you and your team for all the work you did on the recent writers’ conference. Our time together was so helpful and encouraging.”

Debby T. is looking forward to my new blog to help staff, GodFullyKnown.blog. She wrote: “The future looks bright for you. And if the past is any indication, the promise of fruitfulness accompanies you as you move forward. Definitely, I want to stay tuned and continue to benefit from your resourceful expertise. Thank you for your ministry in my life.”

After consulting with Melody H., she wrote: “I am so honored to be a recipient of the love gift of quality time you invested in me especially in this season. May it return to you a hundredfold!”

You’ve played a big part in this great adventure!!

Thank you for joining us in the front lines of building God’s kingdom. I hope you’re encouraged by reading these thank yous. Many of our missionary staff use the Internet effectively for ministry. You’ve made it possible for me to be a consultant for them.

How to pray

  • I’m considering using Zoom to better help Cru staff through consulting and training.
  • God’s abundantly supplied connections and ideas for the new blog. It’s time that I seem to run out of!

Praise God with me for all He has done. Thank you for your partnership in Mike’s and my ministry.  I’m so grateful for your prayers.                                                              


Visit the blogs of the Cru missionary staff in this letter at:

One thought on “45 Years with Cru

  1. Congratulations Sus
    You are a wonderful person.
    Wish I could send a stipend, but my finances are limited. I am retired with my own condo in Rocky River. Louise DeBell


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