Too Much of a Good Thing

The clerk watched me rummaging through my purse. I had already paid and should have been walking away. I was pawing through more than seven varieties of tracts trying to find the right one. The minute this took to do was agonizingly long.

This is awkward, I thought, as I finally handed her a little green booklet. I went home and removed some of the tracts.

Normally, I chat a little while a clerk is ringing up my purchase. I also try to use their name or at least read their name badge. I get my tract out while they work so I have it ready to give right after I pay.

“This is for you, Curt, if you would like it,” I often say. “It is about Jesus.”

If no one is in line behind me, I sometimes talk longer. (I would appreciate prayer that I would do this more often.)

The basic booklets I keep with me are also different colors and, therefore, easy to identify and pull out. I have green Would You Like To Know God Personally, blue Satisfied?, yellow The Four Laws in Spanish, and black The Passage.

I use the green and blue booklets because I think the question on the cover would draw the person in to read the tract. Also, several times when I used to have the original yellow English Four Spiritual Laws in my purse, I would discover in the checkout line that all my booklets were in Spanish! But even that is another story… for next time.

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