Easter: A New Father and a New Freedom

Taken from Holyland Experience "Passion Play"Imagine Jesus Barabbas back in his prison cell, listening to the crowd chanting Jesus, Jesus!  Followed shortly by Crucify him!  Crucify him.  Surely his end was near.  Then imagine his amazement and joy when he was released.

Here’s an amazing thing:  His Jewish name would really be Jesus Bar Abba.  Which means Jesus, Son of Father.

Of course, in reality that was really the name of the other Jesus—the one we love and worship. ~ Read the entire post by guest author, Judy, on her blog, Kindling.

Sharing this devotional with you and your family on Easter Sunday.  He is Risen, indeed!

judy 9-07 compressedJudy Douglass’ bio
Judy Douglass is genuine and passionate about encouraging God’s children—especially His daughters—to become all they were created to be and accomplish all they were created to do.

In her forty-plus years with Campus Crusade for Christ, this U of Texas journalism graduate does this through writing and speaking worldwide and in leading alongside her husband, Steve Douglass, president of Campus Crusade.Judy is a founding board member of Synergy Women’s Network.

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