The Eternal Value of Seven Dollars

The early morning air was still cool, just right for a walk… before the scorching Florida sun would discourage me from venturing out later. No one else was out when I spotted three folded green bills lying near the sidewalk.

Picking up a soggy seven dollars, I wondered if someone had lost them the night before. I noticed I was exactly halfway between two houses. Did one of these people lose the money or was it someone last night or that morning out for a jog or a walk? It was too early to knock on their doors, so I wrote a letter to both houses asking if they were missing any money.

Five days later, I went to our bank’s ATM. I was thinking about the seven dollars and decided God must mean for me to give it to a Faith Promise at church. Right at that moment, I found five dollars lying on the ground there, too! The tellers inside the bank told me to keep the money. I thought this must be additional money for our Faith Promise, not knowing God was about to show me the eternal value of this money I was finding.

Just ten minutes later, I just stepped in the house when the phone rang from the person missing the seven dollars. I drove straight over to her house. Rosanna was waiting for me outside. Her Roman nose and straight black hair said “Peruvian” long before she told me were she was from originally. She was amazed that I would make a point of getting the money back to her, which of course, allowed me to share about the Lord. We talked further and she told me about her problems with her adult children.

I learned she was moving in three days, so it became obvious to me I needed to share the Gospel with her right then. She invited me into her house where I went through “Would You Like to Know God Personally.” As I started to explain about sin and our separation from God, Rosanna began crying quietly. She was very eager to have Christ in her heart, so she prayed silently to herself to ask Him in.

The next day, I checked around with friends and then gave Rosanna’s phone number to a woman who lives near Rosanna’s new apartment. Susanna sounded like a “perfect match” so I prayed that Rosanna would grow in her new faith and would be willing to go to church with Susanna.

I am so glad I did not view the seven dollars as a windfall or even as something to give to the church. I always make an effort to return lost money to its owner. Of course, it was an even greater thrill to see God use this little event to make an eternal difference and bring a lost soul to Himself.

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