So That None Are Needy

As I looked through our pantry, I knew we had too much. I boxed up some extra food and took it to church. After Sunday School, I offered it to Mark and Barb.

“Thank you!” Barb exclaimed. “We can really use this!”

I already knew Mark was working extra hours because their housing costs skyrocketed this past year. They were counting pennies to meet their expenses and the gift of food was a blessing to them.

God encourages us to excel in giving and to do it out of love (See 2 Corinthians 8: 7 – 15) We also see in verses 12 to 15 that at times my surplus makes up for the lack my fellow Christians are suffering. At other times the roles are reversed. God desires to meet needs through the Body so that none are needy.

What do you think?

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