The Collection

I recognized her face and we made eye contact, but Polly’s expression seemed to have “closed door” written all over it. We chatted a bit about my groceries and I discovered she was also lactose intolerant. Polly opened up as we talked about what we can and cannot eat.

“You had better be careful about your bones!” I exclaimed when I learned how little dietary calcium she could eat.

“Don’t worry,” Polly replied, “I have a lot of doctors watching me.”

After presenting my credit card, I handed her a tract. Polly beamed as she accepted it.

“Oh, good! I can add this to my collection you’ve given me.”

“Do you have this one already?” I asked, a little taken aback.


I was relieved I had at least given a variety of tracts!

Normally, I pay attention to clerks I may see repeatedly so I don’t keep giving tracts to them. I have no idea what size Polly’s collection is! However, I know her face now and that she hasn’t thrown the tracts away, but seems to enjoy them.

I also know enough about her to pick up our conversation where we left off. I would like to ask her if we can meet for lunch and talk about how she can know the God who watches over her even more than her doctors do.

What do you think?

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