A Tale of Three Cities


In one day, we “started” three kids in three schools in three cities!

Jenny was first as she headed off to high school this morning. She is glad to be a junior, but was not happy that summer vacation is over. She is especially looking forward to her higher level IB theater coursework.

Mike, Ben, and Josh left next at 8 AM with a van and a car full of Ben’s things. They were in Tallahassee by 12:30 waiting in line to get the keys to his apartment. Ben reported to work at 3. He will be a Teaching Assistant at Florida State University while working on his doctorate in physics. Mike was favorably impressed with the apartment Ben had found.

Mike and Josh then left for Gainesville with an empty van to drop Josh off at the University of Florida. The previous Wednesday, Josh, Sus, and Jenny had taken the van up with Josh’s things, except for a bed, which we will take up on Labor Day weekend. Josh didn’t mind, of course, to have his mattress on the floor for two weeks.

Road-weary, Mike was safe at home by 10 PM.

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