While They Work

I try to be aware of the fact that the person I am often chatting with is at work. I do not want to get them in trouble by talking too long.

Most of the time with clerks of course, I do not have a very long conversation, especially if someone is waiting in line behind me. Only once have I continued a conversation while a clerk started helping the next customer. I normally would not do that.

If no one is in line behind me, I would like to get in the habit of seeing if we can talk a little longer instead of rushing off. In the past, two different women were interested in meeting me for lunch a few days after we chatted in the checkout.

When a technician or service worker comes to the house, I try to follow along while he is working if it is not going to keep him from his job. I’ve had longer conversations in these situations, but again, if they have several house calls, they need to keep moving or they will be late for the rest of their appointments. If you have a service contract, you will be able to talk to these people over a period of time. Your postal carrier is another person you can talk to often.

The only two situations I’ve had to actually go through the Four Laws with someone at their work place were both librarians. I asked their permission first before going through the Gospel during their work hours.

What do you think?

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