Your Work, Your Ministry

“A while back I was in Liverpool. I met a woman who had worked as an administrator in the National Health Service for seventeen years. She said to me, ‘Only last year I realised that this was my ministry.’ And she said these words to me: ‘How sad it is that so many Christians die without knowing the ministry God had for them.’” ~ from The Great Divide, page 11

I am keeping this entry very short with the hope that you will read The Great Divide: Overcoming the SSD Syndrome, a lecture by Mark Greene given in Belfast in October 2001. Don’t let the title or the twelve pages deter you. I really enjoyed the lecturer’s humor and insights.

If you care about sharing your faith. If you want to encourage Christians to share their faith in the place where the most number of people get to watch their faith in action (the workplace). If you want your country to be influenced by godly principles. If you want your church to grow. . . then this article should encourage you.

I plan to put in more resources in the next few weeks to help you share your faith at work. Also, look for specific information for those of you in the medical profession. While you wait for me to work on this, you can check out The Sower online newspaper with more articles about sharing your faith in the workplace.

One thought on “Your Work, Your Ministry

  1. Dear Sus,

    Great article. I’m passing this along to some people I know who are involved in workplace ministry plus so pastors who I hope will take this challenge to heart.

    Gratefully, Paul


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