The Sower on CCCI.ORG (2008)

Sus was honored that one of the writers for Campus Crusade’s main web site,, asked if he could publish one of Sus’ blog entries from her online journal, The Sower.

He picked the February 8, 2008 post where Sus describes a recent conversation she had on a flight to Phoenix. It seemed she was “unsuccessful” in trying to witness to the man next to her, but we don’t want to spoil the story line. You can read the story for yourself.

While you are on Campus Crusade’s main site, we recommend you check out the features, such as the Training and Growth page. You will find several resources to help you in witnessing, such as this great site, Reaching Your World, with practical tips from Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. You might like to make your home page. The main articles change every month and the information is kept up-to-date. Learn more about here.

The article, “Was it a Waste of Time?” is no longer on, but you can read the original article at Sus’ site, The Sower.

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