The Spirit-Filled Life

“I’m afraid I will not stay committed,” Beverly confided in me. “I have turned my back on God for thirty years.”

“It is impossible for you to keep from falling back into sinful habits,” I explained, “but not for Jesus. He is the one who will be giving you the power you will need.”

I pulled out a tract on How to be filled with the Holy Spirit and we started reading through it together. We could hear the church service finishing up through the closed door and I asked her if she was concerned for her purse that she left in the auditorium.

“No, God will take care of it,” she assured me. “I need to do this right now.”

We continued through the booklet and Beverly prayed to give Christ control of her life.

Dr. Bright often said, if forced to make a choice, he would rather share about the ministry of the Holy Spirit to a Christian than share the Gospel with a non-believer. Dr. Bright was making the point that if he spent the time equipping a Christian to live the Spirit-filled life, then another Christian would be made available to help fulfill the Great Commission.

I have a growing burden for American Christians to truly follow Jesus. If these blogs are of any help to you to follow Jesus in sharing your faith or could help a Christian friend of yours, I am honored to be encouraging you and your friends to share your faith with believers and nonbelievers alike.

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