“For Such a Time as This”

For the last nine months, Mike assisted in identifying and selecting the software to be used for Campus Crusade’s new Connect and Care system. Working with a team, he helped, as a business analyst, to research sixteen software options. To better understand the options and our ministry needs, the team visited some of our key Campus Crusade ministries, other major Christian ministries, and several software vendors. (Yes, it was a lot of traveling!)

After all this thorough research, our leadership recently determined that Oracle’s Siebel CRM product would provide the foundational piece for our new Connect and Care initiative.

Often, as Mike worked on this detailed investigation, he reflected on Esther and how God placed her in a unique role, using her background, skills, and position to rescue the Jewish people (see Esther, Chapter 4).

In the same way, God has used Mike’s twenty-nine years of experience to help Campus Crusade with this enormous computer project. After years of working with our donor systems—and with the people who interact with those systems—Mike can provide valuable input for the development of the new Connect and Care System. This system will significantly help Campus Crusade carry out its mission for many years to come.

For the next 18 to 24 months, Mike will help:

• Identify the key tasks that the software will support and how these functions will change with the new systems.
• Define the 1,000+ requirements that will guide the programmers who will fit the software to serve our many ministries, staff, and ministry constituents.
• Test the software and communicate needed changes back to the programmers.
• Train CCC staff how to use the new system to best accomplish their ministry functions.

P.S. What is CRM?

In the business community, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management; at Campus Crusade, we refer to CRM as “Constituent Relationship Management”. The term “constituent” refers to anyone who is involved with Campus Crusade for Christ in any way—including our staff, students, donors, or anyone else involved in a ministry activity. With our new software, we will be able to better serve our constituents by tracking important information about the experiences and interests of our staff and ministry friends.

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