Our Virtual Bookshelf

Josh enjoying a book when he was about three
Josh reading

If you would like some ideas next time you take the kids to the library, you might like to visit our online bookshelf. We have read a lot of books as a family, so I started a virtual bookshelf of over 500 books we have read that we recommend for family reading. The books range from pre-school through teens.

I homeschooled our three children for fifteen years. For most of that time we visited the library faithfully and used a laundry basket to carry our books back every two weeks. I also read out loud to the family and “always” at a level just above their own reading level. I am still reading out loud to the family, especially on trips.

Not all books are right for different families and for different ages, of course, so feel free to ask us about specific books. We included any popular books we have read on our personal bookshelf even if we gave them lower ratings. (This bookshelf has “all” our books, not just the family reading books.)

If enough people are interested we could make bookshelves of our recommended Christian non-fiction and books on Creation. We are thinking of doing this, so if you are interested, let us know and we will get started.

What do you think?

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