The Encouragers

“I already know the Lord,” she smiled and tried to hand the Passage tract back.

Pearl was the third, vibrant Christian I had given a tract to in the past ten days. I said she should keep the tract and share it with someone else. I would much rather have her share Christ with someone I may never meet than get the booklet back! Besides, if any of these Christians need to share their faith, I hope my example may encourage them to start.

Also, last week, Jenny and I stopped in the Wal-Mart hair salon for some shampoo and got into a great conversation with Jorge.

“I have been in a dozen countries on twenty-two missions trips!” he exclaimed. “I wish I could get out of debt so I could be a missionary full-time.”

“Next time you go on a mission trip, your group should take the Jesus film,” I explained. “It’s been translated into over 1,000 languages!”

Jorge had not heard about the Jesus film and was very interested to learn about it. He was willing to start receiving our email newsletters. I hope we can encourage him over time in his desire to be a missionary.

I also gave him some new tracts for women that he could share with the ladies that come into the salon: Beginning Your Journey of Significance and Living a Life of Significance?

Ten minutes later, as we checked out of Wal-Mart, I handed a tract to Vince in the Garden Center.

“Thank you for sharing, Sister,” he remarked.

I was very touched that he encouraged me to “keep on sharing.” We talked only briefly because he had a LONG line of customers. It also encouraged me to see how God has placed His people as His ambassadors in the workplace.

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