24 Hours

I had planned a day and a half to clean the house for weekend company. My sovereign Lord had other plans for me!

Yesterday afternoon, Guillermo, an electrician, came by to work on our A/C. I could not identify his rich accent.

“I am Colombian… Colombian coffee,” he replied to my question.

We talked more and I gave him a tract on the Spirit-filled life in Spanish.

This morning, Marco came to do an annual pest treatment on our home. We have talked many times over the years about spiritual things. Today, he opened up about the physical abuse he suffered as a child and how he would like to help others who are suffering.

After he left, I had shopping errands and had good conversations with Ana, Walter, Beth, and Amy. I had tracts for each of them which they were very glad to receive.

When I got home I wanted to have my daily devotional with the Lord and get going on my housework.

The doorbell rang. Our neighbor, Sharon, dropped by and I invited her in. We have talked about the Lord several times. Today was one of our best conversations. I gave her Josh McDowell’s More Than a Carpenter.

After she left, I knew I really had to get going with dusting and such, so I turned worship music on and worshiped the Lord for the incredible privilege of talking to seven people in twenty-four hours about the hope and forgiveness they can find in Jesus Christ! I am grateful that he kept my heart open and available to these sweet souls on a very busy day when I normally would want to rush from one thing to the next, trying to check things off my to-do list!

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