Using the Olympics to Reach Your Friends

Campus Crusade’s Athletes in Action staff. innovators in sports ministry, have an active presence at most major sporting events. Several of our staff serve as chaplains for professional teams. Please pray for our staff and volunteers who will be sharing the Gospel in Vancouver for the next several weeks during the Winter Olympics.

This year, would you consider joining with us in using the Winter Olympics to minister to others? Visit Athlete’s in Action’s Beyond the Ultimate web site with its all-new Winter Olympic theme. The site has faith stories of current athletes competing for the gold. Link the videos and stories in emails and in Tweets and also on your Facebook pages, blogs, and Web sites. You might decide when to send the links depending on if the athlete is on television that day or if the athlete is popular on Google Trends or TweetStats. (To see which athletes are popular in Google and Twitter.)

Visit Beyond the Ultimate to get familiar with the site. You might want to share about the articles at the bottom of the page and on the Beyond the Ultimate tab. The Choice is Yours on the left takes visitors to a great follow-up center.

Share your stories with us of how you were able to use Beyond the Ultimate to touch someone’s life.

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