The Christian Embassy

Last fall, we met Sam and Nan McCullough.

At the time we met them, Sus was helping Nan with her ministry, Entertaining for Eternity. Nan wanted to start a blog, which Sus encouraged her to do. She’s just getting started at

A few weeks ago we learned they would be in Orlando again.

Sam and Nan were originally on Crusade’s campus staff overseeing the northeastern states before joining Campus Crusade’s Christian Embassy in Washington, D.C. thirty years ago. Sam is currently the director for the Embassy, leading Bible studies on Capitol Hill while Nan leads Bible studies with Governor’s wives.

The McCulloughs were in Orlando today to help celebrate the Christian Embassy’s 35th anniversary. We had a good time with them at a dinner downtown. Vonette Bright was at the dinner, too.

You might be interested in celebrating the Embassy’s anniversary, too, by signing up for the Washington Behind the Scenes event March 24-26, 2010.

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