God is the Issue

He opened his book and I opened mine. I wondered if he noticed the big, bold letters on my book’s cover: God is the Issue by Brad Bright. I was really enjoying Brad’s book and wishing I was a little further along so I would be better equipped to speak with Matt. I opened to the Chapter, “Communicating God’s Heart”, and read:

“. . . our hearts often do not truly reflect God’s heart. We focus on symptoms, but God focuses on the cause. We tend to judge others based on their outward appearance. God always judges based on the heart.”

Well, I knew right then the book could wait and my conversation with Matt could not. God had already prepared me and prepared Matt, too. Click here to read part one of Matt’s story.

~ ~ ~

I highly recommend God is the Issue by Brad Bright. Brad clearly explains how Christians have been witnessing defensively. Brad gives clear examples how we can communicate positively on many cultural issues. This CBN article will give you an overview of the message of Brad’s book.

If you ever find yourself on the losing end of a conversation, or maybe it feels more like a debate, you will greatly benefit by reading this short, but powerful, book. Learn more…

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