Pure Magic Ice Cream

We were food explorers last Friday.

We drove to downtown Kissimmee to check out Pure Magic Ice Cream. What used to be an auto shop eye sore has been transformed into a fun neighborhood stop with picnic benches all around and a playground in the back. Families were gathered around for birthday parties and the kids were enjoying the jungle gyms and swings. Downtown Kissimmee has several other newly-renovated sidewalk cafes and places to relax in the evening.

We stepped in to the open-air shop to order our liquid-nitrogen ice cream. We picked from any of the flavorings, which they stirred into a ice cream mixture in large stainless steel bowls. Next, they doused our soon-to-be ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Water vapor billowed around the bowl as our ice cream order was mixed for us. Each order is $5, which was really like two or more servings. Jenn and I were glad we shared our mint-fudge-cookie-dough ice cream.

It was a pleasant evening, so we took our ice cream to the back tables. All the tables had games and the sidewalk was covered with sidewalk-chalk art. We battled out several rounds of Connect Four and shared tastes of our different ice creams. We didn’t rate the ice cream as “best ever” for creaminess and taste, but the ice cream is good and the place itself is a great little restaurant. Apparently, they also serve hot dogs if you want to have a meal with your dessert.

It would be a bit of a drive if you were in Central Florida for the attractions, but for us “locals” it’s a fun way to spend a family evening.

NOTE on July 2011: Anyone know why Boola Custom Creamery has the same address, but it’s still Pure Magic Ice Cream?

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