One Way to Feed the Hungry

I’m not a shopper.

However, I DO like to share my faith with people I encounter, so when I reluctantly had to make a shopping trip a few weeks ago, I still looked forward to going because I never know who I might get to talk to.

I had a fun conversation with the check-out clerk, which I’ll save for another post, and was driving out of the parking lot, ready to get home and back to my list of projects planned for a very busy day. I was fifth in a line of cars, waiting to turn out of the main entrance. Ahead, a man sat on the grass, next to the passing cars, with a cardboard sign that read, “Just Hungry.”

My husband had encouraged me not to give money, since we really don’t know how that money would be spent. If I had bought some groceries, I might have stopped and given him some of my food. Each car drove past without any acknowledgment of him, or his need.

Now, I really wanted to get home. Emotionally, I hadn’t wanted to be out on errands in the first place, but I knew God was speaking to me, so I drove past him and across the street to a fast food restaurant. I found out what kind of gift cards and food coupons they offered and I bought three cards.

I drove back over and lined up in the ongoing queue of cars.

As I approached the man, I rolled down my window and signaled to him. He leaned down at the window, a few teeth missing from his smile and a wooden cross hanging from his weathered neck.

“Jesus wants you to have lunch,” I said, handing him the gift card and a Would You Like to Know God Personally tract.

His smile broadened and he thanked me, asking me how much was on the card.

I bought three cards because I’m keeping one in the car and one for my purse, so I’ll be ready for the next time.

What do you do to help needy people you encounter?

What do you think?

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