Out to the Ball Game

Mike especially had a great night out last Friday.  Jenn and I did, too, of course, but what a Daddy night!

First, we were visiting Jenn.  She shared with us the great news that she’s been awarded the Sullivan creative writing scholarship for her next two years at Stetson because of the full-length screenplay she’s been writing for one of her classes.

Then, we went to Casey’s on the Corner for hot dogs before the Hatters baseball game.  Mike loved the baseball-themed restaurant and kept remarking about it.

As we sat down for our chili dogs, Jenn and I presented him with a Stetson baseball tee shirt which he put on for the game.

We’d never gone to a ball game together and it had been some time since Mike had been to a game, so we were all looking forward to going.  The Hatters are nationally ranked and their head coach, Pete Dunn is 8th in career victories for active Division I coaches.  Also, in 31 years 71 of his players have gone on to professional teams.

The Hatters played well, winning 6 to 3.  Mike kept a running dialogue for Jenn so she could understand and appreciate what was happening.

We topped off our evening with homemade ice cream in waffle cones at the Sweet Spot to celebrate the Hatters’ victory and Jenn’s new scholarship.

We recommend Hatters baseball if you want an affordable and fun baseball game while visiting Orlando.

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