Happy 70th Birthday, Cru!

“Remember the wondrous works that God has done ….” Psalm 105:5a (ESV)

While a seminary student, studying late into the night for a Greek exam, Bill Bright received a unique impression from God. God impressed him to invest his life in helping reach the entire world, starting with college students.

Happy 70th Birthday, Cru!

Bill, and his wife Vonette, surrendered to God and His vision. Seventy years ago this month, they started sharing the hope of the Gospel on the campus of UCLA. The rallying cry was, “Win the campus today. Win the world tomorrow.”

God is still fulfilling that vision for Cru. What began on one campus has spread to 10,036 universities and 190 countries. More than 25,000 Cru missionaries, plus ministry partners, and others, live out their faith to reach people in every corner of the world. Cru’s many ministries focus on reaching different people through Athletes in Action, Family Life, Christian Embassies, and more.

Cru Distinctives

Bill Bright, Billy Graham, Joon Gon Kim at Explo ‘74

Cru is an evangelistic movement called to help fulfill the Great Commission. We pioneer evangelism and discipleship tools and training, such as: The Four Spiritual Laws, The Jesus Film, Explo ‘72 and ‘74, and more. More than 300,000 delegates were trained at EXPLO ’74 in Seoul, South Korea. Police estimated 1.5 million attended one of the evening meetings. 323,000 of them indicated decisions to receive Christ.

Prayer has always been a major emphasis in our ministry. Vonette played a significant role in starting the National Day of Prayer in 1988. (Pray with others for our country on the first Thursday in May.)

Cru, as a ministry, partners with others in:

  • making the gospel of Jesus known,
  • coming alongside followers of Christ to help them grow in their faith and,
  • sending people to go into the world to spread God’s Good News.

We continue to share the love of God both online and in person. This very day another village, school, neighborhood, or family responds to the life-changing love of Jesus. To God be the glory

Thank you for your part in Cru’s story through your gifts and prayers. Thank you for praying that we continue to seek God and follow His purpose for us. Thank you for joining with us in giving God the glory as together we celebrate 70 years of His faithfulness.

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