Ministry Opportunities for You This Easter Weekend

We have two unusual ways to spread the Gospel this weekend.

  • Read on my eQuipping for eMinistry blog how more than 2,600,000 visited 200 evangelistic websites in two days!  You can also join a phone conference prayer meeting to pray with others for one million to hear the Gospel on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday.  Two million will hear the Gospel this weekend just through these 200 sites, not to mention all the other events happening globally.  We live in exciting times!
  • Also, on the same blog, learn how you can share an anime short film with others using e-mail, Facebook, or on your blog.  This recently released anime film is especially appealing to the younger generation and uses dialogue from The Jesus film to portray the Crucifixion through the eyes of one of the thieves who was also crucified on that day.

What do you think?

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