In Our Yard

A bobcat visits our back yardSus has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and loves to identify plants and animals. We live next to a protected wetlands, so we enjoy seeing many different animals and birds in our yard. . . . except when the raccoons and deer eat our oranges! We’ve also seen armadillo, opossum, gopher tortoise, cottonmouths, yellow rat snake, bobwhites, cedar waxwings, and more.

Amazingly, we even saw a bobcat a number of times! This is normally a very shy cat so we know he must be quite hungry when he comes out in the open. He was stalking a bunny, which got away.  Come to think of it, we don’t see as many of these marsh rabbits as we used to!

Sus is also a birdwatcher and loves to see new birds visit our bird feeder. Besides cardinals and blue jays we’ve seen tufted titmouse every year and a painted bunting and  a rufous-sided towhee.

What do you think?

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