Soul Surfer

Soul SurferSoul Surfer, recently released in theaters, is a powerful movie about surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm to a tiger shark and courageously overcame her new limitations to become a surfing champion again.

Campus Crusade for Christ’s Global Media Outreach (GMO) and Campus Alliance created a ministry tool that God is using to open conversations about faith in Christ.  They launched the evangelistic website,, on April 1st.  As of that day, the site has had 95,000 visitors with over 10,000 indicated decisions for Christ.

Global Media Outreach is available to meet spiritual needs and present the gospel 24/7 over the internet. Every day, over two million people search on the internet for “I need God,” “Who is Jesus,” “prayer” and other spiritual questions.  Every few seconds, some of these people find one of GMO’s  100+ websites  and indicate some sort of  decision for Christ.  Many of these ask for e-mail follow-up.

Read more about Global Media Outreach and how you can volunteer to answer e-mails from people who are seeking God.

UPDATE (September 26, 2014): Bethany and her husband, Adam, are competing in the 25th episode of Amazing Race. Here’s their race bios.


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