The Military Ministry

Kevin re-enlisted.

The words stood out from my cousin Martha’s e-mail. Her mid-40s brother, my cousin, was re-enlisting in the Army.

Martha kept us up-to-date with Kevin’s training and deployment to Baghdad as an MP. After only a short time overseas, he shared in an e-mail to Martha that the soldiers enjoyed DVDs and missed sports.

I quickly ordered some sports DVDs from Athletes in Action, Campus Crusade for Christ’s sports ministry. I packaged them, along with The Jesus Film: Fact or Fiction, and shipped them off to his APO address.

After I knew Kevin had received all the DVDs I wrote:

“Thank you for helping protect our freedoms. We pray for you often.

“I heard from Martha that you and the other soldiers miss sports and that you guys like DVDs too, so I hope you will enjoy the sports DVDs we sent last month and can share them.

“The Jesus Film DVD I’m sending is the most-translated film around. It has been translated into 1000 languages.”

My hope was that Kevin would share the DVDs and that some of his friends would find peace with God in the midst of the war.

Campus Crusade for Christ’s Military Ministry also has many resources you can use for ministering to men and women in the military and their families. Be sure to visit their website to discover more than I mention here.

To highlight a few, the Military Ministry has distributed over 2,000, 000 New Testaments and evangelistic materials in Rapid Deployment Kits since 09/11/2001.  If Properly Led is a great leadership conference held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

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